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80% of the success of marketing campaigns depends on the list you choose. Are you tired of wasting your budget on lists that don't deliver? Do you need fresh, targeted list data that will deliver better results? You need to speak with us.

We're connected to the largest selection of highly targeted online gambler and land-based gambler prospects postal and email lists that are commercially available. We have access to gamblers in all major sectors including: Casino, poker, bingo, sports, Forex, binary and more. Due to our volume and demand, some list sources only deal with us to represent their lists – and this means you can benefit from mailing to data that delivers higher response rates and conversion rates! The postal lists that we represent are updated and guaranteed 95% deliverable.

If you're looking for "one-legged clowns" we will find them; in other words, if we don't have immediate access to what you need, we will find it. We will provide you with unbiased advice on the best list data available based on your criteria. Contact us today for the latest information or take a look at our selection of data cards listed below.  For terms and conditions related to list rentals, please contact us. Below is just a small selection of targeted lists that we represent.

For information on the full selection of lists and current counts, contact us today.

Active UK Bettors List

This is an exciting list of people in the UK who hold active betting accounts. Total list size is 3.3 million postal records. Data is sourced from a network of sites and analyzed quarterly to identify betting activity. This list provides a depth of selects to help you hone your offer to maximize response rates. Selects include: type of account (casino, poker, sportsbook, bingo), average bet amount, frequency of bet, age, gender, 30 day data and much more. Data is reviewed quarterly with monthly updates.

Market Est. Total Count Rate/M in $USD
UK 3,330,000 $270
Global Online Casino Gamblers

Online responders to internet sites promoting various online casino offers. These players from various International markets have indicated they have registered and played, including deposited, in at least one online casino. The database is sourced from self-reported consumers that have contributed their email address through online registrations. Data is from Sept/10-June 11.

Total counts per country (counts are estimated) and rental rates:

Market Est. Total Count Rate/M in $USD
UK - Postal 3,000,000 $250
UK - Email 334,000 $88
CANADA - Postal 85,000 $250
CANADA - Email 309,000 $88
AUSTRALIA - Postal 10,500 $260
AUSTRALIA - Email 39,000 $88
FRANCE - Postal 54,000 $270
FRANCE - Email 67,000 $88
GERMANY - Postal 35,000 $270
GERMANY - Email 90,000 $88
ITALY - Postal 27,000 $250
SPAIN - Postal 30,000 $250
NETHERLANDS - Postal 12,000 $280
SWEDEN - Postal 18,000 $280
USA - Postal 338,000 $260
International Online Bingo Players

An exciting list of people who have deposited in at least one online bingo brand in the last 12-24 months. Sourced from a network of online bingo brands. This list is ideal for bingo brands looking for a new source of players, also ideal for online casino brands that offer slots promotions that appeal to a female demographic.

Total counts per country (counts are estimated) and rental rates:

Market Est. Total Count Rate/M in $USD
UK 28,000 $220
CANADA 14,000 $220
USA 45,000 $180
UNIVERSE COUNT (Total) 87,000  

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